Ongoing Research for Project Full Deck. Lost Pond Peak (and Street SW).

Lost Pond peak_0004

Final approach to Lost Pond along outlet. Lost Pond Peak in left background.

Click here to follow along on a map.

Lost Pond Peak (LPP), at 3891 feet above sea level is ranked as the 48th highest peak in the Adirondacks. It has no trail to access it and the most impressive feature is the pond for which it is named. This pond sits at 3700 feet, which is very high for an ADK pond. LPP is one of my favorite peaks and I have been up it 5 or 6 times from multiple directions and have also descended it from multiple directions, including via Street and Nye.

When I do Project Full Deck I plan on including LPP on my 3rd to last day and will ascend it from the Moose Pond Lean-to on the Northville Placid Trail. Our goal for this hike was thus to explore my proposed route and also to include Street SW from the three thousand footer list (777 peaks on that list), which Jean is working on.

Lost Pond peak_0005

Approaching Lost Pond along stream.

We hiked in to Moose Pond in two hours, took a short break at the lean-to and headed south-east up a drainage that runs between a 3700 boot sub-summit of Street Mountain and Street SW itself, which stands at about 3001 foot, just barely squeaking its way onto the 777 list. After “conquering” the 750 foot climb we descended easily to Roaring Brook just above the confluence of its two main branches at 2650 feet. It was crystal clear and we filled out water bottles before crossing it and heading up (just a bit south of due east) to 3350 feet where the named branch makes an elbow below Lost Pond. The woods were not easy and we deviated off course a lot to our left in constant search of openings. At about 3300 feet the woods became very gnarly and the slope became very steep. The slow going was strenuous and it was obvious I would not be taking this lemon of a route for PFD.

The slope suddenly eased way back and the woods became open and led us into flat grassland at 3650 feet approximately 1/3 mile from Lost Pond. We sauntered easily alongside the narrow stream ducking into the woods a couple of times to keep our feet dry. The Pond was ice-free and we sat on a flat rock admiring the ring of peaks and cliffs that surround this incredibly beautiful pond.

Lost Pond peak_0001After a quick meal we shoved off and ascended briefly through open woods to a height of land between LPP and its western sub-summit. There were lots of cliffs and blowdown but gaining the summit from the Pond only took 30 minutes. From Moose Pond, including doing Street SW had taken 5 hours.

Jean suggested going NW off the summit down to the North branch of Roaring Brook in order to explore a possibly better route for PFD and other than a lot of ice (we decided not to take spikes!) on this NW slope the route was infinitely better. The only sour note was a stretch alongside the drainage where the walls got steep and we had a rough time side-hilling across blowdown on the icy ground. This summer I’ll go up mid-way between the drainages. We were pretty beat and after checking out the confluence of the two branches we sauntered to the lean-to in about an hour and took a well deserved break before hauling ass back to the car for a 12-hour outing.

Lost Pond peak_0008

Sawtooth One North-East and Moose Creek from the Northville-Placid Trail.

Lost Pond peak_0009


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