Maps. Start = Aug 6

Click on each map for full-size. 

Note that weather and rest days are not planned for specific days but will be improvised or forced upon me.  Anyone who will be joining me will have to watch the Spot track and will be given various phone numbers (I will be carrying a phone) as well as having access to a private sub-forum on ADK High

Day 1_dixes

Day 2_DNCB

Day 3_Grt Range

Day 4_Gray-TR

Day 5_Av-MacsDay 6_WallfaceDay 7_AdamsDay 8_Santa

Day 9_Olouska

Day 10_Sewards

Day 11_Sawtooth 4-2 col

Day 12_Sawtooth Range

Day 13_LPP

Day 14_Big Slide

Day 15_Sents