Trip Summary details.

  • Day One: Meet up with Glen and hike Dix Range. Glen hikes out and I bushwhack 30 mins. To Boquet River tribs confluence and set up.
  • Day two: I bushwhack one hour up to the Dial-Nippletop trail, drop pack and go up Dial where I meet Glen who re-supplies me. Glen and hike Nip-Colvin and Blake then go part-way up the Shanty Brook trail to state land. I set up camp and Glen hikes out over Sawteeth.
  • Day Three: I hike Sawteeth and meet Glen there. Re-supply. Hike to Snowbird, Glen exits Shoreys Short Cut. I either camp at Snowbird or go over Haystack to Panther Gorge.
  • Day Four: From Panther Gorge: Marcy, Sky and Gray. Bushwhack off Gray to TR Mtn. And then to Kagel Lean-to. Meet Tom Penders at Kagel: re-supply.
  • Day 5: Tom and I hike Avalanche Peak, Wright via the slide and Algonquin, Iroquois, Shepherd’s Tooth and Marshall before descending trail to Scotts Clearing Lean-to.
  • Day 6: Tom and I hike Wallface and McNaughton and set up at Henderson Lake.
  • Day 7: Hike out one hour to Tom’s car (re-supply) and hike Calamity and Adams. Re-supply at car and hike back in to lean-to.
  • Day 8: Tom hikes out to car with some of my weight, which he deposits on top of Santanoni. I hike over Henderson and do Panther and Santanoni. Pick up my stuff on Santa and bushwhack towards Little Santanoni. Lonely camp out near drainage near low point between the two peaks.
  • Day 9: I continue solo bushwhack of Little Santa then head to Couchsecraga and meet Glen at final col before Couch. Re-supply. After Couch we bushwhack to Cold River and stay in LT.
  • Day 10: bushwhack to top of Emmons (slide) and hike Donaldson and Seward. Camp at Blueberry or Ward Brook LT. Re-supply by Tom Haskins.
  • Day 11: Hike Seymour in the morning then Sawtooth 4. Set up camp in Saw 4-2 col or continue over Saw 2 and find a site below Saw 1.
  • Day 12: Hike remaining Sawtooths and exit range to Moose Pond LT.
  • Day 13. Glen exits to Averyville with as much of my gear as he can carry. I will now be essentially day-hiking the remainder of the trip. Solo bushwhack up to Lost Pond Peak and meet Trail Boss and Bib on the summit. Then we’ll whack to Street and follow path to Nye. Exit to ADK HPIC. Sleep at hostel.
  • Day 14: Day-hike up Klondike Notch, Yard and Big Slide. Descend to Garden and hike Porter and Cascade. Cross Rte 73 road (re-supply?) and hike Pitchoff. Descend open rock route to Rock and River but if dark either take a drainage route down to avoid cliffs or the trail to East trailhead. Sleep at hostel.
  • Day 15. Sentinel Range. Final peak = Stewart. Exit to Rte 86. Will carry a GPS for the exit from Stewart possibly in the dark.